The Norwegian Broadcasting Cooperation

NRK is a state owned public broadcaster. It’s mandate is to fulfill democratic, social and cultural purposes; to safeguard freedom of speech, strengthen public dialogue, nurture Norwegian and Samì languages and culture and reach out to all of Norway.

Video Description

This project was initiated to align with NRK's strategic goals of becoming "found, chosen, and loved," revitalizing its identity, and enhancing communication in a dynamic media landscape.

Solutions presented are facets of an evolving concept that will guide the redesign of NRK's channels, platforms, and products. A common design philosophy of "Distinct, lively, and empathetic" ensures consistency.

While every identity marker is reimagined, the iconic 1979 logo remains unchanged and widely recognized in Norway. Starting from this logo, we designed a versatile toolkit, including a brand system, color program, adaptable typeface, dynamic patterns, grids for digital and physical use, and a motion system to serve diverse design needs with flexibility and readiness for future tasks.


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