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Let's tørn things around!

Overproduction of construction supplies has been causing deficit and storage challenges for years. Up until now there has been no solution to change this problem. Somewhere between 5-15% of all new products will remain unsold, unused and eventually thrown away, which causes the building industry to generate more than 35% of waste in Scandinavia.

Tørn is an easy solution to a complex problem. With cutting edge technology, Tørn created a new marketplace for selling unused and unsold products from well known supply chains. This made it possible for the supply chains to empty their storages for surplus goods, reduce waste, and give customers a bargain price on unsold products. This resulted in a whole new way of thinking of “old/wasted” goods, and gave a positive effect on our environment.

Tørn has a mission to turn things for the better (“Tørn” = “Turn” in English. The phonetic pronunciation of “turn” is “tørn” in all the Scandinavian countries). By turning “waste” to “gold”, deficit to profit, giving consumers quality products at lower cost and reducing the environmental footprint, Tørn wants to turn our mindset on how we perceive and use “waste”.

Tørns identity is based on just that - “tørning” things around. Turning is what they do, and by turning letters, images, texts and graphics we took their mission into their brand identity. A powerful visual, that amplifies their work and resulting in a head turning identity.

Now, let’s tørn things around.
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