Luckily we only charge cars

How do you launch the world’s most powerful EV charging station? With a lot of power.

DEFA Still

As the world’s cars go electric, home charging stations are a booming market. DEFA, a pioneer in electric appliances, developed one of the most advanced and powerful charging stations in the world. ANTI helped define the brand platform, their visual identity and launch campaign for DEFA Power.

In a new and emerging category, the language was overly techy and generic. DEFA needed to catch people’s attention, and make an impression as unique as their charger.

Together with the bright minds in DEFA, we created a brand platform, a new visual identity and a communication concept. A company with a rich history of innovation, it has always worked on connecting power and the people who use it.

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Lasse Nyhaugen


Isabella Mork


Niels Windfeldt

Director of Photography

Andreas Johannessen


Olav Haddeland


Alexei Mokel

Post Production

Henrik Pedersen