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Taste is in the craft

To underline the time and effort put into the Smak* products, we decided to do the entire campaign by hand. For a whole week, artist Thomas Klevjer painted a classic oil painting of the Smak* series, in the middle of Oslo Central Station.

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Coop wanted to increase the quality associations of Smak*, a premium product series available in all Coop’s stores. We wanted to put as much in the making of the ad as Coop puts in making the products.

Day by day, busy commuters could witness how a classical still life came to life, turning Norway’s busiest transport hub into an art studio.

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“Advertising is picking up speed and velocity, which is just adding to the noise. We thought it would be interesting to slow it down, and give tribute to classical craftsmanship.”

— Kaja Wang og Axel Bjørne-Larsen, creatives ANTI

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Video Description