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Cradle of Munch

Edvard Munch was born in Løten on the 12th of December 1863.

Origin, birth, and a scream; this is how the life of young Edvard Munch in Løten began. With a dynamic and circular logo as the starting point, the identity encompasses the years in Løten. Here, the cradle/crib in which Munch was rocked to sleep is displayed, and here, he captured the sun in one of his most famous works, «Alma Mater», Mother Earth. For Munch, this place was a sanctuary in his existence, and many of his artworks from here are marked by the more positive aspects of his life. With its dynamic logo, the identity truly showcases the extremes between the positive and negative experiences in Munch's life. The color palette is drawn from Munch's paintings, which originate from the motifs in Løten.

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