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Tang & Tare

Skjermbilde 2023 06 08 kl 15 32 02

In 2050 there will be 10 billion people on planet earth. In order to feed everyone on land. We need to search the ocean for new solutions. But, the Norwegian public generally don’t care about marine research. They do, however, care deeply about pizza. In order to engage people we gave them a slice of the future, by launching “The Seaweed Special”  - a pizza made of 100% marine ingredients. Together with a marine biologist a chef and a seaweed expert we conducted an experiment. And nailed it…almost. To make the pizza tasty, we had to reduce it to 30% marine. Still, the pizza showcased the sea of possibilities in the ocean. We started the campaign with a fake pizza commercial, followed by a mini-documentary about the pizza. And how we made it.

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This is the entire documentary about the project

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