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Level Up Your Brain

Every year The Research Council of Norway chooses a science subject to highlight and lecture to Norwegian teens. But in ever decreasing numbers attending every year they wanted to find a new way to reach out to the youth.


How can we create engagement and excitement around lectures concerning the subject of neuroscience, among teens and youth in Norway?  Objectives: Get more than 200 people to attende a lecture.

By collaborating with one of Norway’s biggest streamers, Emzia, we made the world's first live brain scan twitch stream. Where viewers could watch the effects of gaming on the brain live, explained by a real brain scientist. The viewers would learn how to train and optimize their own brains using the newest findings in neuroscience, to become better gamers. They could even interact and ask questions directly to Emzia and the scientist as the stream progressed.

This campaign aimed to reach out to its target audience of young people aged 15-18 to make them interested in neuroscience. For data gathering we conducted several NABC interviews revealing deep target group insights. It was crucial to understand both how the target group find and consume information on subjects that interest them. This proved very relevant as we discovered that 45% of young Norwegians are using twitch more than once a week. We pin pointed that the most popular Norwegian streamers where of gamers. From there we developed the creative idea to show the target audience how neuroscience is relevant for them as gamers and how the science could make them better gamers.

The whole campaign was live broadcasted on Emzia's twitch stream 15. and 16. september. The 15. september the first brain scan was preformed on Emzia as a baseline of her normal brain activity, and showing the audience how the gaming effected Emzia's brain. The 16. september Emzia had prepared through a lot of measures on how to optimize her brain for gaming. Trough the live stream the audience could view how the measures had made a difference from the day before.

Reaching 8000 viewers the 15. sept and 10 000 viewers the 16. sept. The campaign was a huge success reaching 90 times the original campaign goal. There was a huge engagement in the live chat, with well over 1000 questions. The traffic to the Research Councils website was increased by 25%. Making this the most attended lecture ever held in the Research Councils history.

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