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Branding a historic area of Bergen, creating Norway's most innovative Finance & Technology environment.
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Setting out to create Norway's most innovative Finance & Technology environment in Solheimsviken, a historic area of Bergen, defined by industry and marked by ages of the evolving Norwegian economy. A progressive community to be led by leading international brands with complementary skills and points of view across multiple industries—invested in the future. The solution was found in revealing the new Solheimsviken, a sustainable and competitive community that builds brand & financial growth within the community.

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Developing a brand that is both inclusive and nurturing of everybody working, staying and playing at Solheimsviken. A brand that could live together with and unify all current and future actors there; in great potential. Our customised typeface and code language that became the bay's signature—a system—knitted in all communication, mimicking the backstage part that code plays in all our lives. The Solheimsviken code is a signature that is embedded in products that comes out of Solheimsviken, into the world. The result is an identity system that is as foundational as language and code are, applicable to all things and reliant on good copy while being independent from image styles.

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