NYC trip
Our trip to New York City during the Creative Week 6. — 10. may
Can the Internet Be Repaired?
Many ask themselves the question whether the internet has come to a point where it is already too late to turn, says Tor Hernan Skytterholm Floor of ANTI.
in Constant Flux
Interview with Kari Lindøe, Head of consumer business Bergens Tidende and Stavanger Aftenblad at Schibsted Norge AS.
The Importance of Design’s Bedside Manner
Why aren’t all things designed for health beautiful, emotionally rewarding and intuitive?
Industrial Internet of Things
We had a chat with CEO & Co-founder at Searis. Their product Clarify is an interactive timeline that acts as a collaborative platform to support industrial operations in data driven decision making, collaboration and innovation.
Crash Course on Typography
This Crash Course on the primal years of typography was produced for A New Type of Imprint—vol 11, summer2017, by the acclaimed type designer Ellmer Stefan. Happy indulging.
True to form
This article was originally published in A New Type of Imprint, Vol 12—FW2017. The idea behind it came from the obscure state of having an emotional response to a visual expression, without being able to explain why. For a designer (and anyone else, for that matter), it can be frustrating—that very explanation are to some degree the essence of their subject. Why do we instinctively like what we like? And how can even the most abstract work of art, make us emotional? In search for answers, we asked writer Inge Kvivik to discuss these psychological mechanisms with psychiatrist, Finn Skårderud.
A Callback To The Cult of The Ugly
This essay was originally published in the last edition of A New Type of Imprint—vol13, FW2018. From both a historical and contemporary perspective, It explores one of the latest trends in graphic design, graphic brutalism. Written by our very own Simen Røyseland. Enjoy!