The first Urban store was launched in the late nineties as a indie store with a strong connection to the skate’n snowboard and the underground culture around it. But lots have changed since then. What used to be a couple of street credible stores quickly grew to be a commercial chain of stores owned by the Varner Group. The success and rapid growth continued during the 00’s and 10’s without ever changing the brand, but inevitably something had to be done in order to stay relevant in a fast moving market.

We were commissioned at a stage where we could shape the new brand to come. We started with a thorough insight process that led to the development of a new brand platform - which again was our departure for creating a brand new visual identity. We wanted from an early stage to develop an interactive identity that could connect instantly with their target group in a new way - no matter surface.


U R Urban

By accentuating the first two letters, U and R, in the name Urban, we created an efficient way to set the focal point on the individual—a way to communicate customer before brand. This is just one of many elements developed in order to create a more dynamic profile able to function just as well on digital platforms as in the actual stores. Another one element is a color scheme which changes along with the seasons creating a flexible way to use colors.

A signature element is an original typeface (created by Stefan Elmer), which overlaps existing text, and by doing so creates new coherences.


In total, Urban is left with a logo system functioning as an active communication device, and a profile that communicates with its customers on all platforms—a complete adaptation to the digital development within retail.


The rebrand has made Urban more relevant for the target group and more unique in the market. Two important factors that has led to a increased commercial success as well.