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Ufiltert med Else Kåss Furuseth

Ufiltert med Else Kåss Furuseth

A podcast which mirrors Coop Kaffe’s new brandstory: “Gode samtaler siden 1953” (Good conversations since 1953).

Ufiltrert (Unfiltered) is a branded podcast made for Coop Kaffe — a coffee brand distributed throughout the Coop stores in Norway. The podcast was made together with comedian Else Kåss Furuseth, and was the first step in establishing Coop Kaffe’s new brandstory.

In this podcast, the beloved comedian, Else Kåss Furuseth, invited Norwegian celebrities to funny, unfiltered and honest conversations about their lives. Through seven episodes, and with guests including the princess of Norway and some of Norway’s most popular comedians, artists and authors, Else and her interviewees dived into personal topics ranging from the death of close family members, relationships, mental health and sexual identity, to hilarious anecdotes about food-poisoning, weird dates and practical jokes gone wrong, among other things.


For some time Coop Kaffe’s pay off has been «Folkets kaffe siden 1953» (The people’s coffee since 1953). ANTI’s task was to create a new concept for the brand Coop Kaffe as well as branding activities that establishes the concept.

In a time where new technology and algorithms creates echo chambers and political polarization, having healthy, face to face conversations seems more important than ever. And, to most people in Norway, conversations involve coffee. As it is both increasingly relevant and easy to dramatize in both fun and emotional ways, we decided to change the focus from what coffee is to what coffee does: bringing people together.

The new tagline became “Coop Kaffe — Gode samtaler siden 1953” (Good conversations since 1953), and we decided to establish the new Coop Kaffe brandstory through the most talkative and conversational media platform there is: the podcast.

Along with the podcast we made seven videos with Else, which Coop published through their SoMe-channels, each to significant high view numbers. We also made three radio commercials for Coop Kaffe including snippets from the podcast in addition to Coop publishing the podcast through their own website. In addition to Coop Kaffe sponsor clips at the beginning and end of each episode, the unmistakable sound of coffee drinking was present throughout the podcast.

With warmth, humor and Else’s unique capability of making the guests feel at ease, the podcast quickly became one of Norway’s most popular during its release-time. In less than two months after its first release it had already reached well over 250 000 listeners and made headlines in some of Norway’s (and Sweden’s) biggest newspapers.


Ultimately, Ufiltrert — which literary consisted of good conversations over a cup of coffee — strengthens our inherent cultural connections to coffee in an entertaining and unexpected way.

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