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The Coop-spiracy
The Coop-spiracy

The Coop-spiracy

In the latest campaign for Norwegian grocery chain Coop, a conspiracy theorist tries to expose the «truth» behind the co-operative.

To outsiders, the idea of ​​a co-operative can seem utopian, even conspiratorial. No one can own their own shop, right? What may come as a shock to a few, is completely normal for 1.9 million Norwegians who all own a bit of Coop. This is at the core of Coop's new concept, which follows the American conspiracy theorist Rob and his work to uncover «The Coop-spiracy».

Brainwashing, mind control, and bribes disguised as charity donations are among the topics Rob tries to uncover.

The films are directed by Mikael Samuelsen and produced by Heimlich.

Still photo by Rune Bendiksen.