Oleana logo, Ytre Arna / Norway


The rebrand of one of Norway’s most celebrated locally designed and produced fashion brands, Oleana.

The project marked the new generation of family directorship, while recognising the importance of appealing to new customers entering Oleana’s target group. The rebrand has taken great care in preserving the strong brand equity, at the same time rejuvenating and optimising the visual identity for a new age of communication needs.
Oleana Branding ANTI - packaging overview boxes
Oleana branding - Wearable culture overview

The identity is created to capture the vividness of Oleana, while being simple enough to work as a framework for the products. The identity has been optimised for use on a wider spectrum of surfaces, from printed material, clothes tags, social media, shop signage and digital applications.

Oleana closeup of production
Oleana photo from the factory

As a result of the strategic process, prior to the redesign, it was apparent that more elements were required. We introduced a new element to Oleana’s identity, the ‘Fair Made’ symbol. Elevating the company’s philosophy and mission; a fundamental quality that runs throughout the business. Using visual communication to better highlight product quality, product ethics and establish a stronger market foothold via clear product values.

Oleana Branding ANTI – Printed product tag
Oleana Branding ANTI – Closeup of logo on bag
Oleana Branding ANTI collection banner
Oleana Branding ANTI – Fair Made Textile Logo
Oleana Branding ANTI – Thread

A full e-commerce website was designed and built setting the brand up for an increased focus on online sales while growing it's digital presence. The website works as a platform to showcase the varying seasonal collections and is optimised for viewers on any device or format.

View the Oleana website here

Oleana Website ANTI – Desktop front
Oleana Website ANTI – Desktop product page
Oleana Website ANTI – Mobile product page