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NRK — Jeg mot meg

NRK — Jeg mot meg

NRK is Norway´s biggest channel and public broadcaster. One of their tasks is to inform our society about important issues and trends.

Mental problems are one of the biggest challenges in European healthcare. Norwegian doctors prescribes over 80 millioner dozes of antidepressive pharmaceuticals yearly, having a population of only 5 million inhabitants. Approx 20% of children and teenagers have some kind of mental illness today, and the numbers are increasing. We all know someone who has mental struggles, so it affects us all in some way.

We follow 8 young adults (18-26 years) struggling with common mental issues.. They document their own lives through video diaries / selfie cams. Sharing there struggles, stories, hopes and dreams. No filter. Honest. Close.

They meet in group therapy once a week, led by one of the country’s most influential psychologists, Peder Kjøs. We take part in their process and change. The therapist listen, bringing in new perspectives, opening up. Together with the participants they found the things they could work with, in their aim to get better.

The main objective was to help the participants, show actual therapy to a broad audience, to remove mystique , stigma and bring openness.. The main essence of the whole series are 3 words: Talk about it.


Season 1 of Jeg mot Meg (True Selfie) was first aired at Norway’s biggest channel NRK1 (linear viewing) the 4th of april 2016 . The whole series of 8 episodes was also launched on the web-player the same day. Jeg mot Meg(True Selfie) was a viewer success, shown on NRK1 late primetime every Monday night for eight weeks. The program was a hit in many viewer groups, including family with teenagers, but finding unusually high audience share in the 15 - 30 segment.

The series was also very successful on NRKs web player. It was the most watched Norwegian documentary series on in 2016. The viewers binged-watched the series, as they do on fictional series. Nrk also succeeded in reaching a younger audience as we aimed for.

The series made a lot of publicity and was on everybody's lips during the launching period. It also won several prizes and made political agenda.

A second series was commissioned from NRK, and this was launched in September 2018.

Again the series made discussions and headlines in the biggest papers in Norway, and reached 120 000 viewers in the web player and is rating as one of the most popular series at the fall 2018.

The series was made into a format , and has been sold and produced in Holland and Canada so far.