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Nedre Foss

Nedre Foss

Nedre Foss is a Norwegian brand of sustainable homeware objects, founded by the award winning design duo Anderssen & Voll (Torbjørn Anderssen and Espen Voll), two leading actors within Scandinavian design.

The core of Nedre Foss is the notion of the «century product», and what they refer to as «sculptural utility». By this they mean objects that will serve you for at least 100 years, and where the sculptural qualities on one side and the utility aspect on the other, are equal parts of the function. An object will always be some sort of impression of the current time spirit. They believe however, that true sculptural quality surpasses shifting trends.


Our mission was to create a visual identity, as solid and timeless as the products itself. Along with a new identity, we created their new website, content and packaging design as well.

We followed their design principles in detail when creating their new identity. A logo moulded in the same way as their products, and a focus on the basics applied throughout the entire brand experience.

Man pouring liquid iron into cast
Glowing hot Nedre Foss logo, casted in solid iron
Ildhane and Nedre Foss logo

We applied a basic typography, one of the most essential and timeless typefaces, «Times». The identity was then combined with a timeless black and white color scheme, together with a blue secondary color (the native html color for hyperlinks) for navigation.


We wanted the customers to have the in-store experience when browsing through their new website. By making short videos of hands holding and touching the products, customers get a sensation of its weight, size, texture and shape without holding the actual product.

By showcasing the production processes and making interviews on the design thoughts, we made a site with visual presentation, free of contexts, flashy backgrounds and selling points that could set the experience in a certain trend or time. Honest, solid and timeless - just as their products.

The principles was extended in to their packaging, with a design that enhances the products own qualities. Silhouettes of the products in 1:1 scale is given the center of attention, placed on the top of all the packages. As honest, timeless and solid as possible. This clean and minimalistic design approach allows the packages to be visible, even when placed in stores with busy competitors.

The package itself is made of simple cardboard with 1-color print, and it's physical size is designed to be freight and cost effective, as well as being friendly on our environment. Solid, simple and sustainable.


As well as working on their design and identity we delivered content, texts, photographs, digital strategy and videos.

The final result became a solid design system, with their very own design philosophy implemented in every key element.

You can visit their online store, and get your very own century piece at

Awards received in 2019:

Bronze in ‘Branding - Logo’ at The Art Directors Club

Merit in ‘Branding - Logo’ at The One Show

Award in ‘Packaging’ at Type Directors Club

Photos by: Lars Petter Pettersen, Jens Edgar Haugen, Magnus Vanem and Roger Johansen