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City of Bergen's Arts Plan 2018–2027
Overview of bergen kommunes kunstplan blue cover

City of Bergen's Arts Plan 2018–2027

The city of Bergen is internationally renowned for its vibrant art scene.

Looking forward to the next decade, finding an expression to emphasise the innovation and creativity in the city.

Taking geodata of the city we projected images representing different aspects of arts and culture, creating 3D landscapes of Bergen.

Connecting art, innovation and geographic space, finding the angle so the illustration, while driven by data, accentuated the final artistic look of the book.

Kunstplan_Case_ANT 2
Kunstplan_Case_ANT 3

The idea comes from the name itself – City of Bergen’s Arts Plan. Arts and plan. Abstract and figurative. Creativity and logic. Arts and numbers.

Perhaps not entirely obvious, but creativity and inventiveness are equally important for both. So the plan, the timeline and the city were defined as a traditional shape of a square, only to be challenged and transformed through the layout, typography and imagery. After all, it’s all about perspective – challenging traditional and accepted patterns of thinking, finding new solutions within static systems and creating new shapes from the ones that already exist.

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