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Hennig-Olsen Is

Hennig-Olsen Is

Hennig-Olsen is one of the Norway’s most beloved and popular brands. Ever since 1924, they have been known as being the cream of ice cream with a leading position in the market. To strengthen this position, the brand got a visual boost in 2016.

One of the main challenges for Hennig-Olsen that was presented in the brief is the rapidly increasing price pressure from new brands and suppliers. Therefore, in order to meet the urging low price competition, there was a clear desire to increase the quality perception of the brand at the same time as the visual identity could retain the brand's strong heritage.

The brief underlined the need for evolution, not revolution. So our departure point for the creation of the new brand identity was to define the tipping point between evolution and revolution. We had to find our balance point between the old and new, the mother brand and sub brand, in a way that could be utilized to build a more coherent brand appearance for all surfaces.


We started by simplifying the logo and gave it a new feature while we preserved the original ice cream bowl. The new solution has a simplified form with a clear nod to it’s heritage, but with a renewed character. By bowing the arch on the bowl we transformed it into a smile that gave the logo more immediate positive associations and stronger connection to the concept of «Ice cream happiness».

In addition, we stripped the color combinations so the brand could take a stronger strategic ownership to the color red and made it easier to implement on all surfaces.

We also removed all unnecessary items and technical effects from the identity to make it cleaner and easier to apply - also digitally. In combination with a new typeface, this created a holistic brand that appears more adaptable, modern and flexible. To highlight the brand legacy, we also added «etb 1924» in the logo lockup.


Since Hennig-Olsen has a strong presence in a variety of segments, with a wide range of products within many different categories there was also a wish to create a device that could secure a strong, consistent brand appearance across all products and surfaces.

The solution became a red logo device that’s applied on all surfaces and creates a clear recognizing effect. The red device embraces the sub brands identity, and ensures a clear interaction with the mother brand.

In close cooperation with HOI, the agency has implemented the design on all existing surfaces and levels - from packaging, web sites, freezers, posters, displays, buildings, vending machines, napkins, shops and clothes. Just to name a few. An entire rebranding that began in spring 2016 and was completed winter 2017.


The design investment has contributed to A positive development of Hennig-Olsen. It has made them stand out more clearly in the market with more flexible tools used to renew, rejuvenate and reinforce the brand.

During the first year, Hennig-Olsen Is had a growth of 9.6% in value or 68 MNOK meaning that they sold 8.6% more in volume or more than 1 million liters of ice cream!

It was especially important, too match the customer's commercial aspirations in the letter of evolution with agency's creative ambitions. An evolution can be so many, therefore it was crucial to finding the exact balance point that we could build together on on.