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A visual identity built on architectural philosophy.

Fragment is an architecture office that works with inclusive urban planning and the multifunctional city. Established in 2018 by Arild Eriksen formally half of the acclaimed architectural practice EriksenSkajaa. ANTI contributed by shaping Eriksen’s vision for Fragment; an identity built on his design and process philosophy. A symbiotic relationship between graphical style, digital platform and architectural space.
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Designing the visual identity for a new architectural practice established by one of Norway’s leading young architects, Arild Eriksen, formally half of EriksenSkajaa, it was important to capture and complement his architectural philosophy and vision of the multifunctional city. The result has been a simple, but also flexible and playful, visual identity launching this young brand into the competitive landscape of progressive architecture and urban planning.

Overview branding

Fragment’s visual system follows Arild Eriksen’s visionary practice, inpart inspired by the Bauhaus and Jan Tschichold. It was ANTI’s role to understand, capture and translate from the human experience in a landscape to the on-platform experience of print and digital.

Eriksen’s vision for the multifunctional city infomed the practical necessity of the identity; a simple module system for adaptation. The result is a sustainable and prepared identity working across platforms, formats and scale. The modularity of the solution expresses simplicity, building an identity that is designed for dynamic responsive behaviour. The successful synergy of Arild Eriksen’s architectural and urban planning philosophy with ANTI’s design of the visual language and system has achieved a unique brand within the architectural and urban planning community.

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