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DNB Sound
DNB Sounds

DNB Sound

Norway’s biggest bank, DNB, launches their first adaptable sound identity: “A sonic translation of who we are, our values and what we stand for”.

DNB is more than Norway’s biggest bank, they’re also advisors and lifelong supporters to all their clients — an approach increasingly expressed in formats such as podcast, video games, social initiatives and other services we usually don’t associate with a bank.

In order to strengthen their recognizability, and as a natural part of DNB’s 360 strategy which says DNB are to be present in all formats, DNB is launching an adaptable sound identity to be used as intro and outro in films, podcasts, events, background music and more.

Depending on context and format, the identity comes in different lengths and versions:

5 sec — Main logo

10 sec — Extended logo

60 sec — Bed

The sound identity is a sonic translation of DNB’s values and position as a safe, innovative and personal bank and advisor. This is expressed in a melodic landscape that spans from organic sounds from nature, to warm piano tones and innovative electric sounds.

The melody is based on DNB’s own tagline “Fra A til Å” (From A to Z). Like the tagline’s four components, the melody consist of four notes. This, combined with the rhythm of a heart beat, forms the sound of DNB.

The identity is developed in close collaboration with the music agency Ohlogy, with composer Bjarne Gustavsen and sound designer Christian Schaanning.