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Clarify by Searis
Clarify by Searis

Clarify by Searis

Brand and digital product design for the Industrial Internet of Things [IIoT].

Clarify, by Searis, is a collaborative timeline solution for real-people & real-organisations, empowering experts to share insight, analyse & forecast in realtime; a leading figure in the Industrial Internet of Things [IIoT] revolution.

The task was to design the product brand and experience, from User Interface [UI] and User Experience [UX] to communications platform; showing how complex data and collaboration is made simple.

In a world focusing on AI [Artificial Intelligence], our focus was to present the valuable new developments of IA [Intelligence Amplification]… in an intuitive way.

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Searis Clarify patterns
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Clarify app interface2

The product identity and user interface is a modular visual system that translates data contained within the active lines. The lines has a wide range of functions and use cases across a wide range of industrial processes. Patterns represent different data streams, icons used in the app and navigational elements that highlight important data content.

Clarify design sprint
Clarify design sprint

Together with their team of expert cyberneticists and developers, we developed Clarify’s UX flow through UX research, Design Sprints and multiple rounds of testing.

Clarify app interface

Such a ground breaking product also requires simple yet honest and impactful communications; how to communicate Searis’ expertise and core product in a clear and uncomplicated way. For use across sales and marketing, onboarding and training, in product use and customer relations.

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