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Blå Kors - En julebord-dag på jobben

Blå Kors - En julebord-dag på jobben

Find out how typical Norwegian «julebord» behavior will work out in a normal work setting, in this funny commercial for Norwegian Blue Cross

Blå Kors (The Norwegian Blue Cross) is working together with ANTI on an overarching campaign, asking people «Why do we drink like we do?» The goal for the campaign is to open up for self reflection and debate on the theme - without being a moralizing pain in the ass.

Insane consumption of aquavit, beer and wine, in order to break down social barriers between colleagues, is the Norwegian «julebord» in a nutshell.

It´s a nice tradition, but for those who like to have great party without, or with limited consumption of alcohol, the julebord could turn out to be a truly claustrophobic and uncomfortable occasion.

Statistics shows that over 30% of employees are disturbed by drunk colleagues during julebord. And 50 % of us thinks we drink too much during this particular event.

The ad from Blå Kors, posted in social media right before the «julebord season» peak, demonstrates how typical «julebord-behavior would look like in a normal everyday office setting. The outcome is quite hilarious, quite tragic and quite to the point.

The film is directed by Morten Borgestad and produced by FUS!