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Telenor - Be smart, use heart
Bruk Hue

Telenor - Be smart, use heart

Since 2009, Telenor has toured schools with the online anti bullying initiative «Be smart, use heart». Our task was to develop the project further and reach even more kids, make a greater impact, and last but not least, to find a way to document the actual effects of the project.
Unlike traditional schoolyard bullying, digital bullying is particularly challenging because the teachers have no insight into the students digital lives. That is why we wanted to develop a tool that would give the teacher insight into the class’s attitudes and values in regard of bullying. Ultimately it will make them better equipped to teach the students how to better deal with the challenges of growing up in an online world. Because, when it all comes down to it, the students themselves have to be the solution.

Our solution was an interactive learning program, shaped as a story on the students’ phones. Through interactive elements, the students make choices on behalf of the characters. By this approach, they get to experience the consequences of their own choices and how they can be a part of both the problem and the solution.

The choices the students make generates statistics which forms the basis for a classroom discussion on their own actions and values.

The same statistic will not only document whether the program has an effect or not, but also serve as valuable information on digital bullying on a national scale. The idea for Telenor is to use the statistic for communication purposes, and to position the company as the «safe guardians of the family».

In may 2019 we launched two interactive learning programs, one for 5th graders and one for 8th graders. The programs are free for every school in Norway to use, and it doesn’t demand any downloads or installations. It will all be available on a web page, for all teachers with an e-mail address connected to a Norwegian school to log onto to.

New interactive stories are in production right now. The goal is to scale the project for all Telenor countries so that 4 000 000 kids will use the program on a global scale in the future.

«I have many demanding students, but in today’s class they really paid attention. Their eyes were wide open»

—Teacher, 8th grade

Awards received in 2019:

Silver at Gullblyanten

Gold in ‘Mobile Marketing’ at Gulltaggen

Bronze in ‘Product and services’ at Gulltaggen

Diploma in ‘Online Video’ at Gulltaggen