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Posten - Poetry and Norwegian bike history on 9 cm2

Posten - Poetry and Norwegian bike history on 9 cm2

ANTI designed a serie of four stamps for the Norwegian Postal Service to present Norwegian bike history.
Over the years there have been several bike producers in Norway, amongst others Øglænd and Gresvig.
We wanted to evoke memories and nostalgia for several generations, and at the same time present the history of Norwegian bikes.

In addition to this we wanted to surprise with a hidden treasure for the philatelists and the extra curious ones. A poem in microscopic text hides on each of the four stamps, written by the Norwegian author Kari Tinnen. The poems are written especially to each one of the bikes and this series of stamps.


— The stamps have gotten a lot of attention. We are very pleased with the co-operation with ANTI and the way they solved this task, says Director of Stamps, Halvor Fasting in the Norwegian Postal Service.


The stamps are produced at Royal Joh. Enschedé in the Nederland, one of Europe’s best on security printing.

“Stories on two wheels”:

1930s — Diamant landeveisracer fra Gresvig, 1933

1940s — Ideal carrier bike by Hans Eriksen, 1936

1970s — DBS Kombi Butterfly by Jonas Øglænd, 1972

1970-80s — DBS Apache by Jonas Øglænd, 1975