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nstrumental is a film and concert series showcasing today’s most exciting music artists.

In Norway, there is a void in how music artists are being showcased. There are tons of great shows, an incredible amount of music festivals, but hardly any deep-diving, or consistent editorial storytelling surrounding the artists we love.

We wanted to tell those stories, so we created nstrumental—a non-profit live-event and film series showcasing today’s most exciting music talents, created in collaboration with Ohlogy.

Each episode is comprised of two key elements: a documentary and a live concert.

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The live concert: a monthly after-work event at ANTI Social—the top floor of ANTI’s Oslo offices. Each artist is carefully curated, and they’re all challenged by nstrumental to challenge their own format; be it an acoustic version, a different genre, or ideas not yet explored in a live setting, etc. This way nstrumental offers the audience unique concert experiences in an unconventional setting.


The documentary: Each artist is followed by a small camera team on the day they are scheduled to play. This, combined with a full concert film from the live event, forms the basis of a short film portrait of the artist. Each episode (documentary), offers a close and personal peak into the lives, methods and inspirations of the artists.


Episode 1: Gundelach

“It was very important to me to not show anything that wasn’t good. I didn’t want to try and release something that wasn’t good enough.»

Episode 2: Isah

"I lived from day to day. A little money here, a little money there. Sometimes I couldn’t afford food for four-five days..that sucked."

Episode 3: Amalie Holt Kleive

"I won’t be a musician at any cost. I need to be happy. I gotta want to write music."