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Kari Traa — Run the Show

Kari Traa — Run the Show

Kari Traa is a Norwegian sports/leisure wear and shoe brand specifically designed and developed for women. Kari Traa is a rebellious, fun loving brand, with the baselayer category in its core. Since the start in 2002, Kari Traa has developed into an international brand with a strong and growing community of fans and followers in Norway/Scandinavia, Europe and the US.

ANTI was commissioned to create a campaign for the launch of Kari Traa’s first ever sneaker collection Fall/Winter 2018.

ANTI developed the overarching campaign concept Run the show; a reference to both the core of Kari Traa’s belief in women and of course the new product line.

So in addition to making the shoes look good, ANTI and Kari Traa wanted to create a campaign which showed strong and fun loving women - enjoying a day out with the new shoes and not holding back.


We had the pleasure of working with the amazing and ever lovely Mona Berntsen featuring in our TVC with fantastic Eivind L / Fastland behind the camera. In addition we were lucky to have the opportunity to work with the incredible Cathrine Wessel / Palookaville, who did the stunning photographic work for the print and digital campaign, with the help of Ole Musken / Palookaville in charge of the product photos.


The campaign was released in august 2018 on social media, online and outdoor / in store throughout Scandinavia. The campaign was supported by a wide collaboration with Scandinavian influencers throughout the campaign period. The media plan and execution was delievered by the lovely Pia Henriksen / Brandpeople.

The campaign was mainly designed and exectued for digital media, which gave us a great flexibility and adaptable solutions for the period.