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Hos Peder
Hos Peder Podcast

Hos Peder

Psychologist Peder Kjøs meets people who needs help to deal with life’s many challenges.
Hos Peder Podcasts
Hos Peder Podcasts

Following the success of the documentary series Jeg mot meg on NRK, that focused on psychological issues amongst young adults, NRK’s audience demanded more therapy-oriented content. ANTI developed a podcast format where the listeners could follow real therapy processes from a to z.

In the first season we meet four people that struggles with very common issues. We follow them through 3 months of therapy, with 10-12 episodes per case. One of the most popular cases was Tiril — a young woman struggling to find a man.

Season 1 was a big success with over 2,5 million streams. This led NRK to order two more seasons with a total of 78 new episodes.

Therese and Aleksander
Therese and Aleksander
Peder Kjøs

The newly launched season 2 includes couples therapy. First couple out is Therese & Alexander — a young couple with two small children, struggling to deal with how their lives has transformed into a logistic mess of diaper changes, hectic schedules and a constant lack of sleep. Where has the love gone, and can Peder help them?

New cases and episodes will be launched weekly throughout 2019 and 2020.

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