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GG Möbel
GG Möbel signage

GG Möbel

A graphic, tactile and sonic logo for high-end interior architect and furniture maker,
GG Möbel.

GG Möbel—Legacy of Mastery Continued

In the digital-first world, a logo can be many things. However, for high-end interior architect and furniture maker, GG Möbel, it required going back to its pure being; the maker’s mark.

The logo needed to express their philosophy in its form, and its production. To play a function and the details and design of products and interiors. To be produced, by hand, as part of its placement, in natural harmony across materials.

But following in the legacy of master craftsmen requires advancing the craft, placing it in today’s context. We did this by adding sound; the inclusion of a sonic logo.

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To achieve the essence and function required by GG Möbel, we looked to where their process starts—in the workshop. With compass, ruler, paper and a mechanical pencil in hand, we explored and experienced form the same way the masters did prior to the endless possibilities of the computer.

GG Mobel logo application 1
GG Mobel logo application 2
GG Mobel logo application 3
GG Mobel logo application 4

Using mechanical tools in sketching ensured a natural connection to the shape, utility and the axes of tools available in prototyping and production. Understanding the tolerance of a router-bit or the standard widths of a chisel defines the optimal size of the logo. Consideration of the material, its tension, breaking point and structural integrity defines choices in the form of the logo.

With its mechanical origin, the logo holds impact as an inlay in contrasting species of wood, engraved (with or without coloured wax), heat-stamped on the back of products, as large painted wall graphics in trade fair settings or through print-production embellishments such as embossing, foiling, stamping and more.

GG Mobel logo application 5
GG Mobel logo application 6
GG Mobel business cards

The sonic logo expresses the care and attention, the rightly placed details and proportions, the use of natural material and forces.

The sonic logo is for application across digital interaction points and marketing communications. Adding a dimension to the brand experience, showcasing the integrity of GG Möbel where the tactility of their products and environments isn’t possible.

2,5 sec - Short

5 sec - Long

GG Mobel logo application 7

GG Möbel has a logo that is as considered as the products that leave their workshop—a logo that can be reproduced by using their tools, with minimum effort, always to their standard. To be discovered, touched and appreciated as a mark of master craftsmanship for generations to come.

GG Möbel—Legacy of Mastery Continued

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