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Coop — Amerikaneren

Coop — Amerikaneren

One of COOP's biggest challenges in recent years has been how to adapt and modernize the out-of-date idea of the cooperative in a new era that’s all about individualism. In the time of me me me, it has been difficult to reach out to the benefits of being many. The idea of Coop therefore feels like an anachronism - a survival from the really old days.

This has resulted in a brand perception dominated by words like «Old» «Boring» «Traditional» especially by a younger target group. So, our challenge was clear: We had to turn focus and move from being boring and outdated to modern and vital.

To put the old idea of co-operative groups in a modern context, we had to find a relevant and credible metaphor that COOP could own. In order to solve this, we first of all looked at the core of the mechanisms that distinguish COOP from the other competitors. On this basis, we found the core of what COOP really is - it's sharing economy in practice.

At a time when a whole world of emerging start-up geeks are looking for the next big thing within the sharing economy, we thought it was good to recall that sharing economy has been around for 150 years - as COOP. Therefore, we went from talking about members and co-operative societies to talking about co-owners and sharing economics in practice.

To illustrate this to 1,6 millions co-owner and the public in general, we developed a new film concept that dramatizes the co-owner model and the unique benefits it provides.The movie concept enabled us to talk concretely about COOP many benefits, without being high-handed, for in the mouth of a Silicon Valley hipster, words like sharing economy, co-owner, profit sharing and "why should one rich guy make all the money on things everyone just need» might just feel like the next big thing.

The first three films introduces the idea of Sharing Economy in practice, while the remaining three films have a more tactical focus, specially COOPs on differentiating benefits such as member kick back, coupons and exclusive member deals.

Never before has the population had a better impression of Coop. 84 per cent of those asked in Ipso's major reputation survey for 2018 state that they have a very or pretty good impression of Coop. This is an increase of seven percentage points compared with last year's survey. In particular, the progress is remarkable in the categories "advertising and information" and "social responsibility and morality». Which are both very linked to our film concept. The survey has been made for 27 consecutive years and is a review of Norway’s top 96 brand.

Coop members perceive greater extent economic benefit of membership, from 62% to 70%. an increasing number also perceive that they have more influence as a member, up from 17% to 25%.