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Rebranding Norway's most engaging intellectual property law firm.

Redesigning the communications of Norway’s leading IP Law firm Acapo – set to challenge perceptions, attract new audiences and transform our understanding of creativity and the law. A refreshing new way to profile legal services that has resulted in growth and organisational transformation.
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Acapo is Norway's leading intellectual property law firm. We were asked to rebrand the firm, and help tell their story through a strong visual expression. Intellectual property, consisting of intangible assets, as simple as an idea, can often be hard to convey from a business to business perspective. We looked for a way to tell the story of their clients, as inventors, idea makers, and thinkers, through capturing their creative processes, showing how Acapo was involved every step of the way.

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The concept was inspired by the physical process of seeing an idea take shape and form, from conception and development of something abstract to the final tangible product. Intellectual property law helps to protect creations of the mind by granting exclusive rights to intangible assets. Acapo helps those creators formulate, realize, protect, and sell their ideas, advising them every step of the way. With the same desire to visually bring abstract ideas to the tangible, the concept, in addition to a unique illustration style and color palette, uses photography and copy writing to bring Acapo's services and products to a more visible human element.

We wanted the identity to be a metaphor for the process of protecting intangible ideas. The logo was stripped down to its most fundamental elements, yet still resembles an "a". The supporting brand shows how ideas are carried out into reality.

Through the use of documentary photography, the concept can present and highlight Acapo's various products through actual case studies. The candid capture and documentation of the creative process of various clients brings intellectual property services to a more accessible, human and tangible level. Instead of trying to explain the process of designing, patenting, and protecting an idea, one can show—through photography and writing—the full and complete process. This non-traditional approach not only pushes away form the classic cliche imagery for intellectual property, but also provides a more tangible insight into Acapo's involvement along the intellectual property protection process. These case studies can be used in brochures, product sheets, website, and various materials.

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Acapo has noted that since the launch of their rebrand in 2014 the firm has attracted new clients, critically from the previously hard to reach, smaller, emerging enterprises. At the same time the attraction of talent to the law firm has been clear, supporting the 32% increase in staff since the launch of the new brand. All in all ANTI has contributed to greater visibility, attraction and relevance that has grown Acapo’s market size and position across Norway.

In 2015 the Acapo brand identity was awarded a number of prestigious national and international awards, including; Cannes Lions - Finalist, Art Directors Club - Bronze, the Norwegian Design Council’s Award for Design Excellence, Gold at Gullblyanten (Golden Pencil) as well as Gold at Visuelt.

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