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Coop Prix - Right around the corner
CoopPrix_Fort gjort

Coop Prix - Right around the corner

Coop Prix is a grocery store chain, that started out as a low price concept. Over the years, they have drifted away from the low price position – but without a clear destination. So with no new position established, customers are confused: They don't understand when to choose Coop Prix. This leads to them "ending up" at Coop Prix more than choosing them.

The unclear profile also meant that they were not chosen as often as clearer concepts where there was an alternative. As a consequence, store owners (also confused) switched to other, stronger concepts.

So when we were asked to do a new ad concept, we saw the need to build an entirely new position first – to build that concept on.

We defined the position as the "effective neighborhood store", and through deep, subjective interviews and field work based on Coop shopper segments, we developed the emotional target audience "The time optimist".

So now we had a clear position and a target audience reflecting a phenomenon that most of us can relate to –and Coop Prix is the place to go when you need your groceries "Fort gjort" (which directly translates to "quickly done" -but it's a Norwegian idiom, so it's hard to translate in a good way).

to build the new position effectively, the strategy is to use the phrase "Fort gjort" in every possible occasion, as much as possible. As tagline, in store, written into tactical copy, shaping the length and speed of ads, and so on.

The launch campaign for the new position "Fort gjort" was made into kind of an ode to the time optimist. The ones who want to get the most out of each day, and often more than might be realistic. This optimism forces the time optimist to tell some small, innocent lies during the day, concerning how far they are along (with the obvious faith in their ability to catch up to the lie at some point). We found that these small lies are not just reserved for the certified time optimist – everyone tells them, almost every day.

The new, strong position has already led to increased internal pride, and several Coop merchants now want to use the Prix concept.

We have no results on the campaign yet since it is just launched, but it seems well received, judging by reactions in social media. It turns out that the vast majority of us can relate to the struggles of the time optimist, and can recognize the habit of lying about being "just around the corner".

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